Fire your stove for the summer: here's how to keep cool and cook with your fridge instead!

The end of August means muggy nights— and the last thing you want to do is to heat up the house by turning on the stove to cook dinner. So why not make these no- or low-cook recipes with your nice cool fridge instead?

Turns out there’s a lot your fridge can cook for you when your stove's on summer holiday: this month, we’re sharing recipes that need—at most—under 10 minutes of cooking time before they chill out in your fridge. Get ready to cool off (and fill up) together!

Breakfast and snacks are no-brainers when your fridge does all the heavy lifting. Overnight oatmeal, chia pudding and parfaits can all be made using just your fridge. For snacks, try no-bake granola bars, no-bake energy balls and bliss balls for a double burst of energy and coolness. Your fridge is also fantastic for pickles that take almost zero effort: while you can pickle any veggie (asparagus and cauliflower are delicious), we love dill pickles, Russian pickles and kimchi the most.

For lunches and dinners, start with these five-minute cold soups: to make them, you just need a blender and fresh ingredients. Cucumber-avocado soup combines two mild and kid-friendly flavours; and gazpacho is the perfect way to take advantage of tomato season. If your family prefers to try sweet instead of savoury first, try fruit soup! Chilled cantaloupe soup is delicious, as is watermelon soup

Summer is the smartest time for your family to learn to love salad—not only is there an abundance of fresh ingredients to chop into it, but chilling add-ins like cucumber, pepper, watermelon or honeydew melon in your fridge beforehand will add a refreshing zip to those greens. To bump up the protein, try adding sliced hardboiled egg or nuts. Here are some of our community favourites:

And, if your family’s choosy about which bits of the salad they want, consider serving “rainbow salad”—just chop up veggies and place them in lines on a tray instead of tossing them together. Your family can self-serve and combine the bits they love, as well as nibble away at new tastes and textures.

For dinner, Japanese Zaru soba noodles are perfect for muggy nights (and—bonus for families dealing with special diet needs, 100% buckwheat soba is gluten- and dairy-free). Peanut noodle salad is a dish that's easy for kids to love (it's peanuts AND pasta, what's not to love?), and River wraps make a quick and tasty dinner you can also take on the go to summer soccer games.

Of course, the best way to enjoy the hottest part of the summer is by using your freezer to cook up something sweet for you! No ice cream maker? No problem: here’s how to make ice cream in a food processor as well as using just a simple ziploc bag. We also love avocado-lime pie and popsicles—here’s our classic guide to 10 delicious varieties

Stay cool: here are more refreshing dinner ideas from around the world, as well as suggestions for keeping the heat out of your house by cooking al fresco. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration!

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